Building a city bike

I started a new project – building my own city bike. My plan was to buy an old racer frame and complete the bike with some new components, giving it a nice fresh look. Two weeks ago I found a black Bianchi Rekord 838 on blocket which I aquired for 1000 SEK.

Bianchi Rekord 838

Bianchi Rekord 838

After picking up the frame I started some research about the frame and components that would fit. As it was not that easy to find original components in a good condition I went on with my initial plan and watched out for new components to modernize the bike a bit. The first parts I ordered at, a British online shop with a wide choice of cycling products, good offers and free delivery to Sweden from 440 SEK. And these nice parts arrived today:


Now I am waiting for some more parts to arrive, then the crafting can begin!